Injury Rehabilitation, Sports & Remedial, Massage in Corio

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Our Remedial massage Corio clinic delivers expert sport and remedial Massage services for athletes and all active people.

So whether you’re a skilled professional athlete nursing a persistent injury, the champion of workplace Olympics, a weekend warrior aching from overdoing it, or a parent with pain in the back from attempting to keep up with the kids –

Your experienced Corio Remedial Massage therapist is able to advise on many Injury rehab techniques that will best suited to  correct your injury and physical problems.

Sports massage shoulder injury


Maximize Your Efficiency.
Quality of Life Enhancement.


With experience collected over many years we have the knowledge and proficiency in dealing with and preventing your injuries.

Typical injuries remedial massage can deal with include:-.

– Neck strains/whiplash.
– Patellar tendinitis.
– Rotator cuff & shoulder strain.
– Carpal tunnel syndrome.
– Structural troubles.
– Sciatica/Piriformis syndrome.
– Feeling numb and/or tingling in extremities.
– Low back strain/spasm.
– Hip flexor issues.
– Hip/Glute pain.
– Shin splints.
– Headache.
– Thigh stress (incl. quad, hamstring, groin).
– Plantar fasciitis.

Besides any medical reasons, the bulk of discomfort experienced by people is caused by soft tissue injuries.

A fantastic examples of this is neck discomfort.

Neck discomfort can be triggered from a number of sources. The primary source in our day and age is ANXIETY and STRESS!

Now put a stressful work week, hectic family schedule, and pushing too hard at the gym completely, and you have an issue. This is where the massages come in.


Our objective is to help fix your injury and keep it from re-occuring. That's it-- plain & simple.


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Post event sports massage can assist to lessen discomfort and pain, avoid stiffness, reduce swelling and return muscles to their normal state more quickly after the race.


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The Massage Therapy

The sports and remedial massage you get here in Corio is customized to you and your requirements. Your therapist will focus on that if you need to address a certain problem or injury. The massage is directed that way if your requirement is for a more basic full body session to help get rid of lactic acid develop up.

The therapists at the clinics have mastery in a broad range of massage techniques, and utilize these abilities much as a  building contractor would utilize the right  tool to fulfill the individual needs of the task.

No matter which specific design of sports massage you need, you know you’re getting a massage custom-made just for you.

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We provide Post /Pre /Injury massage therapy at corporate rates to expert and amateur athletes from Corio and surrounding area sports clubs and offer the following



Pre Occasion Sports Massage.

Pre occasion sports massage is stimulating and quick and usually lasts 5-10 minutes. Pre occasion sports massage is generally performed within 1-2 hours of the event.

Post Occasion Sports Massage.

Post event sports massage can help to decrease sprains and pain, prevent tightness, reduce swelling and return muscles to their normal state more rapidly after the race. Post event massage is more calming and relaxing and is generally integrated with light stretching. It can decrease healing time drastically.

General Upkeep Sports Massage.

Maintenance sports massage assists to maintain healthy tissues and helps to prevent those minor pains and pains from ending up being persistent, over-training injuries that may require you to stop training and competing. Chronically sore locations may influence posture and kind, therefore decreasing efficiency and perhaps triggering other injuries.

Healing Sports Massage.

A recovery sports massage session is generally more intense than a general full-body relaxation massage. The sports massage therapist will focus on the specific muscles most stressed by your activity, the legs of a runner. Healing sports massage helps to stretch the shortened muscles.


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You'll find we empowerhelp you to accomplish and preserve your body's optimal performance. We can help bring back comfort and boost mobility, by utilizing the most advanced massage therapy and bodywork strategies. Persistent anxiety, pain and muscle tiredness can lower range of movement or harm appropriate function of every day body motions. In addition, preparing your body's soft tissues for necessary surgeries can improve your recovery procedure